With a blissful scenery

With a beautiful perspective on the city, our hotel stands just opposite Korakuen which is one of the three great garden of Japan.
Located in the center of Okayama City and you can also see Okayama castle right in front of our hotel.
The main building, which opened in 1971, has a history of over 50 years, and the new building was reconstructed in 1982, which marks 40 years this year. It is a long-established hotel in Okayama.
Weʼve been walking along the growth of Okayama City. Since our hotel stands just 5 minutes away from Korakuen, our very unique wedding plan has obtained large customer satisfaction.

Greeting To all dear customers

Greeting To all dear customers, thank you for your unwavering support for the Okayama Plaza Hotel.
We offer a spectacular view of Okayama Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle,
one of the three most famous gardens in Japan.
Our hotel opened on November 8, 1971 as a pioneer of Western-style hotels in Okayama City.
With the knowledge and experiences which we have gained in our over half a century,
we will continue to provide "OMOTENASHI"-Japanese hospitality,
and "service" with all our hearts.
We will make every effort to satisfy our guests in a variety of situations.
We hope that you continue to honor us with your patronage in the future.

1st Oct, 2021
Manager Seigo Iwado

History 50 years of The Okayama Plaza Hotel

The Okayama Plaza Hotel first opened on November 8,1971.Before that, our company has started in 1963.
Since then, we have grown with the support of the local residents and customers from overseas .

June Established the company
which is a predecessors of the Okayama Plaza Hotel.
December Construction on the Okayama Plaza Hotel started.
November The Okayama Plaza Hotel opened.
July Changed its name to The Okayama Plaza Hotel Co.,Ltd.
September 20 Opened new building.
October Opened chapel 2002 September
Extension and repair work on 1st to 3rd floor.
September Renovated guest rooms and extend a basement floor.
August Renovated bridal floor.
August Pre party for 50th anniversary of the Okayama Plaza Hotel.
September Reopened the Bella Vista.
March Opened the SAKURAMICHI TERRACE November Celebrated the 50th year of
the opening of the Okayama Plaza Hotel.

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